6.3 Earthquake 4km S of Plomarion Greece

An Earthquake which was measured as 6.3, hit in the Mediterranean region of Europe near Plomarikon, Greece earlier today. (see video below)

The strong earthquake shook the eastern Aegean on Monday, with preliminary readings of its magnitude between 6.1 and 6.4. Greek TV stations reported the tremor hit close to the island of Lesbos. Some structural damage was reported in the town of Plomari on the island.


Nearby Places

  • Plomarikon, Greece 5.0 km (3.1 mi) S Population: 2,996
  • Mytilíni, Greece 25.8 km (16.0 mi) SW Population: 28,322
  • Foça, Turkey 44.8 km (27.9 mi) NW Population: 15,189
  • Ayvalık, Turkey 51.7 km (32.1 mi) SSW Population: 35,193

Video: A Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Greece