Portland Oregon Bankers Wife Murdered By Crew Member

On this day in cruise history:  Ninety-one  years ago today, on Friday June 4, 1926,  Virginia Patty, 26, wife of Portland, Oregon banker Frank D. Patty was brutally murdered by a cruise ship crew member.

Mr. Patty was President of Pacific Bancorporation (First National Bank) in Portland, Oregon.

William Tallman, a crew member aboard the steamer SS Admiral Benson was arrested and charged with Mrs. Patty’s murder. Tallman worked as a radio operator aboard the passenger ship SS Admiral Benson.

It was alleged in court during the murder trial, Tallman and Mrs. Patty were having an affair. When Mrs. Patty called off the affair, after her husband found out, she ended the relationship and Tallman flew into a violent rage.



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