Cruise Ship Deaths Website 2017 Upgrade Live

The Cruise Ship Deaths website is now live with the 2017 upgrade. The newly renovated website is in beta, as we test drive and expand the website with new features.

On the main page, you will find popular categories with featured images, the mostly recently posted cases in each category and links to cases which are being more thoroughly researched by Cruise Bruise Investigates.

Popular article tags

One of the upgrade features is having a featured image for every case. Whenever possible, the image features the ship where the incident took place and the nearest port for the cruise ship incident.

The navigation has had a major upgrade too. The top row of navigation takes you to other websites in the network. Hover on the top row, and subcategories will appear, so you can drill down to specific topics with specific websites.

The second row across the top will take you to categories within the current website.

From every case you can hop around within a specific topic by category (top row), or by article tags (seen at bottom of article text), such as year, ship, cruise line, port, type of incident, person’s age, crew, passenger and so forth, using the article tags.

It is our intent to have all 50 Cruise Ship Wave websites renovated before winter, when we move into our new offices.

Please understand, we are in beta and glitches will be seen and you can report them via our Contact form from the website you are having an issue with.

Current 2017 Cruise Ship Wave Website Upgrades

2017 Cruise Ship Wave Website Upgrades in Progress –  (bookmark this page for updates)

  • Cruise Awareness – Awareness website cornerstone
  • Cruise Bruise
  • Cruise Laws
  • Cruise Ship Complaints
  • Cruise Ship Drugs
  • Cruise Ship Locators  – Cruise Ship Tracker websites cornerstone
  • Cruise Ship Fires
  • Cruise Ship Sinking
  • Cruise Ship Wave

2017 Expansion Websites: Vacation Beach Cams – (bookmark this page for updates)