Carnival Freedom Caribbean Cruise Scam

Carnival Freedom Galveston Texas
Carnival Freedom Galveston Texas

Another Facebook scam allegedly lures in more than one hundred victims in a scam targeting cruise ship travelers. The cruises were offered either to the Caribbean or Hawaii and an estimated 183 people were suckered via a Facebook group.

Victims were suppose to board Carnival Cruise Line’s cruise ship Carnival Freedom for cruises to embarked from Galveston, Texas to the Caribbean on  July 1, 2017.

But, travel documents were not received by Facebook group members by late May for the summer cruises. Requests for refunds were deleted from the Facebook group, therefore law enforcement was notified.

The alleged scam cruises were being sold  for $250 per person.  The low price was explained away by the woman who promoted herself as a cruise travel agent, telling customers the cheap deals were the result of unsold inventory or cancelled orders.

Tracey Louise Graf, 53, from Farmersville, Texas has been arrested on a felony theft charge. She was bailed out  of jail after posting a $25,000 bond. Court records show Graf has prior convictions for forgery, and credit card abuse.