Missing Cruise Ship Passenger Case Becomes California Murder Trial

Micki Kanesaki

This day in cruise industry: Eleven years ago today, on Friday, May 26, 2006, Micki Kanesaki, 52, from California and her ex-husband California attorney Lonnie Loren Kocontes, 48, were passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s cruise ship Island Escape exploring the Mediterranean.

For an American, the sailing was part of a Memorial week (May 22-28, 2006) remembrance of those who had passed away in years gone by.  For the American families associated with this case,  and those who grew to know Micki after her death, it will never be forgotten, remembered each  Memorial Day.

Kanesaki was reported missing to the Island Escape crew by Kocontes , after she ‘mysteriously’ went missing on board at about 0100 hours on May 26, 2006, while the cruise ship sailing between Sicily and Naples.

We have been reporting on this case  since the day Kanesaki went missing, doing a complete and ongoing investigation. Along the way, we uncovered and published damning facts, which no other website took the time to research,  bringing the wrath of Kocontes.

Kocontes, who was following our investigation closely, contacted us on numerous occasions, making threats time and again. Those contacts only increased our suspicions and lead us to investigate even more.

As odd as the case was on day one, it grew increasing odd, then just plain disturbing and ultimately horrifying,  as our investigation continued and grew beyond any cruise ship missing person case we have investigated since 2005.  Read the Cruise Bruise Investigation.

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