Put On Your Parenting Hat Before You Embark

A cruise vacation is a great way to spend time with family and to make memories which will  last a lifetime. It’s also the time be vigilant as a parent, to ensure everyone has a great time and at the end of the voyage it’s all good memories.  Unfortunately, things do go wrong on a cruise, much of which is entirely within  parental control, just as it is in every day, family home life.

Two years ago today in cruise history, on May 17, 2015, a young girl lost her life on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)’s Norwegian Gem cruise. Today, we remember her. Her name is Katelyn A. Blair, she was eight-years-old,  and her family was from New York.  Her mother was on a cruise with three children, two were in the adult swimming pool aboard, both had be rescued, Katelyn didn’t make it.

A sign was posted near the Norwegian Gem cruise ship pool with pool rules. It included the fact that there are “no lifeguards on duty” AND “under 12 must be accompanied by an adult” AND “use the pool at your own risk”. Since those are the kid’s pool rules, the adult pool rules are accepted for those three specific rules as well.

Yet, Katelyn’s mother Colleen, sued the cruise line, blaming them for not supervising her children. Katelyn was lost, but never forgotten on Cruise Bruise.