Cruise Ship Passenger Missing What Happened to Randal Gary?

Was $500 the key to this cruise ship missing passenger case? Fourteen years ago today,  Randal Paul Gary,  50, a psychotherapist from Toronto,  had gone missing somewhere between Ketchikan, Alaska, and Vancouver, British Columbia Canada,  while sailing aboard Holland America Line’s Veendam on Friday, May 16, 2003. Was it suicide or foul play?

When the stewards went to check, they found the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on his cabin, it had been there most of the cruise. The double bed showed signs of somebody being on it, but not slept in. It was an outside cabin with a sealed window, and no balcony.

Staff found his watch, a package of Viagra, with one pill missing, an unopened box of insulin and a log of his blood-sugar levels that included readings up to the night before. They found several brochures for his new counseling practice. There are more contradicting facts in this case than logical answers.  Read more.