Nearly Five and Half Years After Costa Concordia Deaths Francesco Schettino Prison Finally Holds Him

Prigione Rebibbia

Francesco Schettino  is finally now in Prigione Rebibbia in Rome, Italy. The prison is known as the “craziest prison in the world”. Prigione Rebibbia is full of people who are in prison because they are thieves, rapists, assassins and terrorists. ”

Now, they have a celebrity,  a coward cruise ship captain who abandoned ship and who has been living the good life,  while his attorneys fought to keep him out of prison.

During his trial, he blamed his crew saying, “My only regret is having had under my command officers who were not up to scratch,” he said.

Schettino was convicted for the deaths of those 33 passengers and crew who died during the Costa Concordia sinking, on Friday the thirteenth, January 13, 2012.

Schettino was showing off for his mistress who was aboard that fateful day, when he directed the cruise ship into shallow seas, ripping a massive hole into the cruise ship’s hull.

Schettino was named “Captain Coward”, after he was the first to disembark in a rescue boat, leaving his passengers and crew to die in the frigid mid January Mediterranean Sea near Giglio, Italy.

Video: Inside the Costa Concordia wreck