Live Real Time Cruise Ship Weather 2017 Upgrades

Our Cruise Ship Weather website has been upgraded, just ahead of the 2017 tropical storm – hurricane season.We have lots of new features for cruise ship passengers and crew this year.

Our Cruise Ship Weather Command Center, which puts you in control of cruise ship weather by region, still puts  you one click away within the region to control the live satellite, wind speeds, wave heights and radars, but we have added more tools in the United States and Indian Ocean Regions.

For example, the Pacific region radars all show on the page at one time, live in real time. This means from one page in the Pacific region, you see live, real time radars in the Pacific Cruise Weather region from the tip of Baja Mexico to Alaska, while you one click away from Pacific weather sattelitte, wind speeds, wave heights and ocean temperatures.

The same is true in Atlantic region. The Cruise Ship Weather Atlantic radar has live, real time radars from Maine and Canada to the Florida keys and you are just one click away from the weather satellite, wind speed, wave heights and ocean temperate map.


Our new category found at the top of the page in the regions is titled Storm Group. This weather group gives you one click access to:

This day in Hurricane History Calendar.  You will see on the calendar, month by month the biggest storms in history, listed by date. This calendar will be updated to include new named hurricanes as they take place.

In Agenda view, you get the calendar entries as a list. The website upgrades this year will give you the information you need to be a weather expert.

From regional Command Centers, to historic data and storm tracks, it is all easy to get to, just a click or two away.

At the top of every page, you have the Cruise Ship Awareness links to quickly jump to  our Live Cruise Ship Tracker regions.

Hover you mouse on the Trackers menu and it will pull down each tracker region, putting you one click away from any weather page to the cruise ships you want to track in any one of 15 specific regions,  or our main tracker for the world, Live Cruise Ship Tracker.

So, if you are commanding weather in Caribbean, click on Caribbean Cruise Ship Tracker in the Tracker menu.

Click the tracker map on the page, click on the funnel icon and check the box for Passenger Vessels. This will show only the passenger cruise ships on your map.

Test drive Cruise Ship Weatehr and bookmark the region you want to command.