Cyclone Donna Becomes Category 5 Storm

Cyclone Donna becomes category 5 storm. With 260 kph wind speeds (161 mph), Donna has become the strongest May cyclone ever to hit the Southern Hemisphere.

Cyclone Donna is heading for popular cruise destination New Caledonia. It could affect New Zealand’s weather on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the  Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology a category 5 cyclone has these characteristics:

CATEGORY 5 (severe tropical cyclone)Extremely dangerous with widespread destruction. A Category 5 cyclone’s strongest winds are VERY DESTRUCTIVE winds with typical gusts over open flat land of more than 280 km/h.These winds correspond to the highest category on the Beaufort scale, Beaufort 12 (Hurricane).

See our new Australasia Geostationary Satellite for an amazing live real time, half globe view of the Southern Hemisphere. The page is part of 2017 Global weather category expansion which is found in our top navigation.

Video: Cyclone Donna