Couple Alleges Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Drink Package Ripped Them Off $372

Free RCCL drink cup

On April 24, 2017, we received an email from Australian cruise ship passenger Scott Ryan, who is one of our website visitors,  “Royal Caribbean has advertised and kept our payment ($372.40 plus $11.17 transaction fee) for a product that it did not provide!!!!

As Diamond passengers, My wife and I cruised on Ovation of the Seas in February. As we have done for every cruise we paid for a soda package weeks before boarding.

Royal Caribbean advertises on several of their ships, including the Ovation of the Sea, that the ships have soda drink machines providing a wide variety of both standard and low calorie drinks. We have used these machines on other RC ships previously.

Advertised brands on RCCL website.

On the first day of our cruise we discovered the machines on board were totally empty of any low calorie drink except Diet Coke and that they would not be refilled.

We immediately sort a refund for our soda package and were promised on three different occasions that the soda package money would be repaid to our Mastercard.

After waiting over two months we have now been told there is no record that we sort a refund and that we will not be refunded because we did not take the drink cups back to the main desk…….. something we were never told we had to do.

We are furious. Royal Caribbean should have provided the product they advertised. They assume that because they can’t find a record of events the events didn’t happen. It seems that they do not deliver on promises. They imply we are liars!!!!!!!!

I was telephoned on my mobile number at approximately 8.30 am EST on Thursday April 13 from someone claiming to represent Royal Caribbean. She said the call would be recorded. Without any prompting from me, the caller quoted the Mastercard number from which I had paid for the drink packages and promised RC was going to refund me the money including the AUS$11.17 that I had paid in international transaction fees back into that account.

We have still not received the refund.”

Cruise Bruise went to the RCCL website and submitted a contact form to let them know,  this complaint had come to us from one of their customers, this as their response to the problem their customer had filed with us. So, we have filed this case under our “Travel Warning” category.

“Dear Ms. Cole:

Thank you for contacting Royal Caribbean International. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us. Please accept my apology for the delay in our response.

I am sorry to learn of the concerns that you have provided in your e-mail. Please be advised, for privacy reasons, we are unable to discuss any concerns that are related to our customers. We hope that you understand our policies and we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Should the guests have any concerns, they are more than welcome to direct these matters to us for assistance.

Ms. Cole, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your understanding regarding the handling of this matter.


Shalaundra James
Royal Guest Experience Management”


Cruise Bruise: We understand, perfectly.

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