Earth Day 2017 Campaigns plus Google Doodle Video

Ten Important Earth Day Campaigns:

1. Global Environmental and Climate Literacy Campaign.

2. Campaign for Communities Engages with Mayors and Local Officials

3. Women and Girls in Leadership – Supporting the rise of women in the environmental movement

4. What Should We Do to Take Part? – The cost and consequences of inaction are too high to risk

5. Climate Change Science and Basics – The undeniable truth about climate change

6. The Importance of Green Schools – Greening every school in America within a generation

7. Climate Education Week Easy-to-use climate science 101 for your K-12 students

8. Save the Whales While We Still Can – These iconic species face threats across the oceans

9. The Canopy Project – The Canopy Project plants trees to help communities around the world

10. Registering Millions of Climate Voters – Take action by organizing and mobilizing the vote

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Video: Earth Day tips and facts on Google Doodle: Let’s Make a Happier Planet