The Russian Connection Cruise Ship Overboard Mystery

David Svyatetskiy, 22, a Russian-American cruise ship passenger who lived in Castle Rock, Colorado, was traveling with his family aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Escape, when he died aboard the cruise ship in the middle of night on the second night of the cruise.

The cause of death, depends on who you ask. Two government agencies, so far, are calling it a “suicide”.  Though, there is no word if the FBI are or will investigate. The family calls it an “accident” on their Gofundme  page. But, is there a third possibility?

Svyatetskiy spoke Russian as his first language, but also spoke fluent English as well. He was a graduate of Legend High School in Parker, Colorado. He then attended college at Colorado School of Mines, where he majored in Electrical Engineering. He was on track to graduate in 2018, with a goal of becoming an engineer. He reportedly was an excellent student, with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Questions remain, such as why would a Russian-American student with a 4.0 grade point average, quite suddenly would decide to take his own life in the middle of the night? If suicide was the intent, why not just jump into the sea, as many others have in the past? Instead, he falls to his death, landing several decks below.


Google warning notice on God Will Provide Russian church website, where credit card and banking information is given online by visitors.

Was a toxicology report performed in Miami when the cruise ship returned?Were there alcohol and/or drugs in the blood of this honor student?

If substance abuse  was a possibility, how would a student with a 4.0 GPA, suffer as his brother had with abuse,  and still excel in his studies?

If  he had a substance abuse problem, then why wasn’t he getting treatment, at the same treatment program his brother is affiliated with, the Russian church treatment program, God Will Provide,  as seen in the video below?


Recently, we posted an article titled, Cruise and Travel Excursion Selfies Photo Deaths and Injuries Extreme Daredevils. Could it be David Svyatetskiy, was a daredevil as well?

The article includes dozens of young people who died while filming extreme selfies. One of them was  Russian Andre Retrovesky, 17, who died on September, 24, 2015 .  Andrey Retrovesky, from Vologda, Russia, addicted to daredevil selfies, calling himself Drewsssick online, died during a selfie stunt. He climbed to the top of a nine-story building with a friend in an effort to capture a photo that would make him appear to be falling from the roof. The rope used to secure him snapped and he plunged to the ground.

See the video below, then read more about this puzzling case on Cruise Bruise.

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