Bahamas Paradise Grand Celebration Death Heart Attack Or Choking On Food

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When  Robin Fair, 53 from Troy, Ohio did’t come home from her birthday cruise to the Bahamas, her family wanted answers. They were told, while dining in the cruise ship restaurant, she allegedly choked on food around 2135 hours.

But, her alleged boyfriend wasn’t in the restaurant with her, so he allegedly said,  he didn’t know what happened. The next thing anyone knew, Fair was dead in a hospital in the Bahamas and her body needed to be repatriated back to Ohio.

The cause of death didn’t seem so cut and dried. Either she had a heart attack, according to one of her  friends, or if you believe the medical examiner in the Bahamas, she died from an obstructed airway.

Since she died during a meal in the cruise ship restaurant, either theory could be true.  A heavy meal can indeed cause a heart attack. But, you would think a medical examiner would find the air way obstructed and could certainly see, it was the cause of death.

Grand Celebration

If the cause of death was asphyxia/airway obstruction by food, the family may be looking to sue the cruise line, because it was an issue which ‘may’ have been resolved at the restaurant. Her family went to Florida looking for answers, not trusting the medical examiner.

If there is an update to the details, it will be updated on the Cruise Ship Deaths case page.

Le Bistro Restaurant

There was a similar case back in 2014. Betty B Novick, 75 and her husband Joseph A Novick, 78 from Boynton Beach, Florida were sailing at sea between St. Lucia and Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Pearl on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Betty Novick died while dining in the Le Bistro Restaurant aboard the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship when she choked on a piece of steak and died.

Her husband sued the cruise line claiming an employee didn’t cut up her steak into small enough pieces, causing her to choke.

Mr. Novick had broken his arm during the cruise, had his arm in a sling and asked an employee to cut up the steak for his wife, something he typical did for her. Read more about this cruise line lawsuit.