Pooped DJ Whoo Kid, Waka Flocka Flame Banned From NCL Cruise Ships

The Gronk Cruise was hosted by Buffalo Bills rookie tight end Glenn Gronkowski and billed as the Rob Gronkowski & Family Cruise. More than a year later, the poop scoop has come out and it stinks to high hell.

It was also billed as the cruise party of the year, “Norwegian Pearl February 19-22, 2016 from Miami to Gronk’s Island – our own private island in the Bahamas – and Nassau for one hell of a beach party! Norwegian Pearl is decked out with multiple stages, 13 bars & lounges, a massive spa, pool, hot tubs, fitness center, bowling alley, and 24-hour room service! If this doesn’t sound Gronk’d enough for you, then you’re not ready to party with the big dogs.”

Well, big dogs poop, really big poop and somebody dumped a load by the Norwegian Pearl swimming pool, a really big load, topped with a $20 bill. The $20, was left for the crew member who had to clean up the mess from those “big dogs”.

The following performers appeared: Flo Rida, Redfoo, 3lau, Waka Flocka Flame, Sammy Adams, Brooke Evers, Brazzabelle, Dante, Costa, Finesse Mitchell, Robert Powell, Matt Rife, Big Rock Show, Electric Avenue, Carly Burruss, Dj Soulman and Headphone Disco.

Norwegian Cruise Lines took names and did their own version of a celebrity photo shoot before they issued a “no travel” ban on those involved. Looks like the Gronk Cruise was a one no-hit wonder.

Video: Gronks Party Ship 2016 After movie