Wonderful Wednesday Wildlife Window

The University of Queensland researchers were brought into ‘Australia’s Jurassic Park’, more than five years ago by the aboriginal Goolarabooloo community.

“Nowhere else in the world has as many dinosaurs represented by track that Walmadany does,” Steve Salisbury, a paleontologist at The University of Queensland and lead author of the study, says in a video describing the area.

Included among those many dinosaur tracks is the largest dinosaur footprint ever found. At approximately 1.75 meters long (about 5 feet, 9 inches), the track came from some sort of giant sauropod, a long-necked herbivore.

Thousands of approximately 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints are embedded in a stretch of land that can only be studied at low tide.

Dampier Peninsula

“Your journey takes you to the Dampier Peninsula, through Pindan bush, open woodland through to beaches, tidal flats and the mangrove creeks of the Indian Ocean and King Sound. Here is a place waiting to be explored: the red earth landscape, the unspoiled beaches – leave the everyday behind and be guided by your sense of adventure.

For a unique, immersive experience, take a tour with a local Aboriginal guide to sample bush foods, catch mud crabs, or learn the local craft of spear making. You can also discover the surrounding waters, filled with fish, turtles, dugongs, dolphins, and whales coming home.” Visit Broome

Video: Jurassic Park: World’s largest ever dinosaur footprint found in western Australia