Cruise Bruise Youtube Channel Expands

The Cruise Bruise Youtube channel was launched nearly ten years ago on April 12, 2007. Just as Cruise Bruise expanded into more than 50 websites since 2005, so has our social media presence. We now have more than 70 social media accounts, across seven platforms including Youtube. As we expanded into some topic areas, in other areas we have pulled back.

Our evolution in the cruise travel industry has been focused on intelligent, rational thinking centered on promoting safety through education, helping passengers to make wise decisions which will enhance their cruise and travel experience.

We find those messages are best expressed using photo and video graphics to drive the message home, visually.

Our Cruise Bruise Youtube channel reflects both the Cruise Awareness and Cruise Promotion sectors of our network. We have more than 1,100 videos posted in more than 50 video playlists and growing daily.

You may have noticed our new blog has a big focus on using videos as part of our posts. The new Blog design was instrumental in bringing our vision for 2017/2018 together.

The Youtube channel is being updated weekly, with new videos added almost every day as we put out the Cruise Bruise News Daily newspaper.  Our newspaper has a section for both photos and videos, our own, the cruise lines, passengers,  crew, USCG, scientists, environmentalists and travel in general.

As our cruise schedules are updated this month, you will notice an increasing presence of videos related to the individual cruise line schedules, cruise ship schedules, or cruise ports schedules. This expansion is  in coordination with the expansion of our cruise ship tracker network which is adding new cruise port trackers.

Video: Carnival Cruise Food (see more food, buffets on our Youtube Cruise Food playlist)