Cruise Ship Passenger Fight Security Inside Pool and Hot Tub

While adding videos to our Youtube playlists, we noticed an odd video surfaced on Youtube one month ago.

It appears a group of passengers are arguing, appearing to be close to an out and out brawl. One passenger aboard an unidentified cruise ship splashes three security officers with hot tub water, soaking them.  The passenger jumps into the pool, evading security.

As the scene progresses, they all end up back on the hot tub deck, with five security officers trying to detain the passenger.

One security officer has his handcuffs out and ready to slap them on the passenger. It ends up with one security officer drug into the hot tub, completely drenched.  The man in white shirt in the hot tub is one of the five security officers.

The video we posted here has since been deleted, but not before we got these three screen shots. The passenger in the pool after he jumped out of the hot tub to avoid security.

Then, he is back on deck with his fists in the air ready to fight.  Finally they get him into the hot tub, but he drags one in with him, where he is ultimately handcuffed.