Federal Budget Cuts Threaten NOAA NWS Hurricane Forecasting

Cruise Ship Weather, a division of the Cruise Ship Wave Network was alerted to an article by Portland (Maine)Press Herald which is reporting 2018 budget cuts would impact National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service.  NOAA is the source for our Cruise Ship Weather website.

The report says “All $73 million of Sea Grant funding would be eliminated in Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget, according to preliminary figures from the Office of Management and Budget obtained by the Post. The numbers could change as NOAA negotiates with the White House in the coming weeks, and are ultimately subject to congressional amendment or approval.

The document also proposes a 22 percent cut to NOAA’s satellite program, which may be a target because the data it collects has been used to monitor climate change. NOAA’s fisheries agency – the National Marine Fisheries Service – would face a 5 percent cut, as would the National Weather Service, which provides the data used by most meteorologists and the Weather Channel. The agency’s coastal zone management, external research and estuary reserve programs would be eliminated.”

Video: Proposed NOAA Budget Cuts Could be Dangerous

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