Wheelchair Cruise Passenger Books Accessible Cabin Carnival Screws Up

In December 2016, Jade of J5 Aerial Photography embarked on a Carnival Cruise Lines’ Baja Mexico 4-night cruise aboard Carnival Imagination.  Jade is a vblogger who takes videos on his trips and he also brings his Phantom drone, getting aerial photography on his trips as well.  He posts “The Jade Vblog” under the Youtube user name MixTape51 or J5 aerial photography.

Jade is from Phoenix, Arizona and drove five hours to embark the cruise from Long Beach, California.  Jade is in a wheelchair and had booked a handicap accessible cabin to enable his wheel chair easy access through the cabin door and easier access into the cabin restroom. But, as he approached the assigned cabin door, it was clear the cabin was not accessible for this wheelchair.

Jade went to the customer service front desk to complain about the cabin he was booked into. He spoke with Tim who told him the cruise ship was fully booked, but after the ship left port they would see what they could do for him.

Jade browses the cruise ship and finally gets word there is an accessible cabin available and he settles into  the accessible cabin, giving us a tour. He thought the matter was resolved and he was pleased. But, the issue was far from over.

Carnival Imagination anchors off shore from Catalina Island, California and he tenders ashore in his wheelchair, getting some drone footage of the island and has a meal at the Bluewater Avalon Seafood Restaurant where he dines on scallops.

Back aboard the cruise ship, Jade give us more good information. Jade requires a gluten-free diet and is pleased there are good choices aboard the cruise ship for his special diet, including gluten-free Mexican food.

As the cruise ship sails towards Ensenada, Mexico, Jade dines at Carnival Imagination’s American Table and orders the Escargot Bourguignonne, giving us a review of the meal.

After dinner he goes back his cabin and a surprise is waiting for him inside. Tim from Customer Service has comped him a beautiful fruit basket ($28.00), a chilled bottle of champagne ($28.75) and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries ($12.50), as a result of the inconvenience he faced after he boarded the cruise ship with an improper cabin assignment.  Way to go Tim!

Carnival Imagination sails onto Ensenada and Jade hopes to launch his drone here, as he did on Catalina Island. Someone immediately comes over to him on the dock and tells him the Federales will shoot it down without warning. So, instead he takes a takes video of the port with his cell.

We featured this vblogger video today, because it shows sometimes things are not quite as expected on  a cruise ship. But, in this case Carnival quickly corrected the issue and went the extra mile to ensure Jade was satisfied with their customer service at the end of the day.