Police Search For Suitcase With Cruise Passenger Inside

A lot of new information surfaces in the MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica cruise ship passenger missing case of Li Yinglei. So, now Cruise Bruise is investigating this missing person case.

Her husband Daniel Belling said his wife left the ship in a Mediterranean Sea port to go back home to their home in Dublin, Ireland because she was “bored with the cruise” . . . or maybe she went home to China to see her family. Her mother says differently. Her young children say differently.

Police are looking for Li Yinglei’s suitcase fearing she may be inside it. A photo of the orange suitcase is circulating on the internet in hope someone will see it and report the suitcase location.

Depending on ocean currents, if the suitcase went overboard with her in it,  the suitcase could wash ashore anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey or Bulgaria. With all the refugees coming ashore after boats capsize, it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, searching thousands of miles of beach and islands which stretch along a war torn  region of beaches.

The last photo in our slider shows the suitcase from the Heather Mack suitcase murder case. It is not a stretch, to think Li Yinglei might be inside the orange suitcase in the photo shown in the case photo slider. Read more on Cruise Bruise