Missing Cruise Passenger Owned Cinderella Weddings Cruise Website

As previously posted, Li Yinglei, 36, embarked on a MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica 10-day Mediterranean cruise with her husband Daniel Belling, 46, and their two children ages six and four on February 9, 2017. When the cruise ship returned to Civitavecchia, Italy, Belling disembarked with his children, but Li Yinglei was nowhere to be seen.

Daniel Belling’s Chinese wife Li Yinglei (Xing Lei Li) alsp know as Angie to her business clients, started Cinderella’s Wedding in 2015 which offered wedding packages, including wedding dress rentals, decor and photo album design. The couple were married in 2010.

The couple also had a range of podcasts on their website, which featured Angie’s narration on different travel destinations and festivals around Ireland, as well as cruises.

The about page on the website says, “Cinderella’s Wedding is Dublin’s emerging brand in the Wedding and Corporate industry. We pride ourselves on our innovative and trendy touches that make all the difference. Our high quality bespoke service is tailored to match your every requirement to ensure that your event is above and beyond your expectation.

We strive to create magnificent designs that reflect the persona and desires of our clients and couples, by listening to your ideas and finding out what makes you smile. From intimate to sophisticated to flamboyant and stylish, Cinderella’s Wedding will turn your dreams into reality.

Don’t let your choice of venue dictate your theme of your event, contact Cinderella’s Wedding Specialists and be assured we will work closely to achieve a night that you and your guests will cherish and remember for a life time.

Having transformed some of the most exquisite venues around the country, here at Cinderella’s Wedding we have what it takes to make your special occasion a Cinderella event. We aim to make your day a signature event, unique and reflective of your own vision.”

This case is still unfolding. Read more on Cruise Ship Deaths