Australian Restaurant Waitress Wrestles Goanna Lizard

Mimosa Cottages and Mimosa Wines and Drystone Restaurant located in Bunga via Bermagui in New South Wales, Australia offers quiet solitude and serves up wine and great food with entertainment. The 200 acre property lies in a coastal valley between pristine beaches and national parks.

Mimosa Cottages has two cottages available for holiday rentals, nestled in the heart of the Sapphire Coast, Mimosa lies at Bunga midway between the coastal townships of Bermagui and Tathra. Each cottage has an unique personality. Both have wood burning fireplaces (wood supplied) and are fully furnished and equipped.

The smaller cottage, constructed from rammed earth is romantically situated overlooking the vineyard and is perfect for couples or a small family. The larger cottage, a charmingly renovated old style farmhouse, sleeping up to 9 guests is nestled alongside picturesque Brockellos Creek.

The Drystone Restaurant on the Mimosa Wine property serves lunch or dinner on the deck overlooking the mountains. The live entertainment is typically an unexpected goanna.

The goanna is a type of Australian monitor lizard, which plays a large role in Aboriginal mythology and Australian folklore. They can range in size from seven inches to eight-feet-long. The goanna is a predatory lizard which is carnivorous with sharp teeth and claws and are not afraid of people. The make a hissing sound  and will flick their forked tongue at you if they feel threatened.

A French waitress, Samia Lila got customer’s attention when she drug out a hungry goanna by the tail at Drystone Restaurant, as seen in this video.