Cruise Ship Passengers Treated to Rocket Launch

The weather in Florida was perfect for a rocket launch yesterday to celebrate the end of a cruise for thousands of  lucky cruise ship passengers.

Cruise ship passengers disembarking four cruise ships at Cape Canaveral, Florida were treated to the sight of a rocket launch and a rocket landing.

The CRS-10 Falcon 9 rocket was launched from pad 39a at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 9:39 a.m. EST, as passengers began disembarking.

The launch was across the channel from Cape Canaveral and could be seen by passengers and crew aboard Disney Wonder, Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Liberty as well as Oasis of the Seas.

10 minutes after launch, the first stage of the rocket – the part that gives it enough power to get off the ground – had flown back to land, touching down at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force.

Space X expects to launch another reusable recovered rocket as early as October to test whether they work as well the second time around.

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