Fake Doctor Working On Cruise Ship Arrested

When a man is  arrested for posing as a doctor after getting hired as the cruise ship physician, we learn how scammers infiltrate our world, in every aspect of our lives.

Whether it’s a scam artist or just a person aspiring to a selected field of greatness, the outcome is the same. People are duped into thinking they are interacting with a person of quality, a person they pay for quality and they are short changed. The bottom line is this. If someone is intent on defrauding you or your business, it will happen, no matter how much due diligence you exercise. It happens every day, in every country around the world.

I bring as an example, the case of Andres Parras, 57, a resident of North Miami, who had been practicing medicine without a valid license at Finlay Medical Center in Hollywood, Florida and was working aboard a cruise ship as the ship’s doctor. Parras submitted a Florida medical license when he applied for a position as the ship`s doctor. The number on the medical license in Parras` personnel folder at AIDA Cruises belonged to a different doctor, according to information from the state Department of Professional Regulation.

A Department of Professional Regulation investigation during November and December 1985 revealed that Parras, 57, had been practicing medicine without a valid license at Finlay Medical Center, 6740 Taft St., Hollywood, said Diana Hull, public information director for the state agency.

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