The Cost of Suicides a Cruise Bruise Public Service Announcement

Recently, we began discussing  #cruise ship #suicides and the costs suicides have on those around them. Today, a video came to us, which sums up the cost of suicide on those left behind.

A video came across my desk this morning which sums up the cost of suicide, beyond the immediate emotional effect on witnesses, friends and family of the person who decides to suddenly end their life. It’s a reminder for everyone, everywhere, especially as the Christmas season is upon us.

This is an example of how People everywhere go through troubling, sometimes horrific situations in their life, things we can’t possibly imagine, don’t need to imagine. Consider your words to others and what may be going on it their life, before you criticize, humiliate, demoralize them with your comments and/or attitude.

We researched Page Yore prior to selecting the video for the article and found that she was a video blogger, knowing it might be exaggerated or disputed only made the video more enticing. We now know many of the statements she makes in the video are false. True or FALSE the story was well told and captivated viewers like us around the world.