Baby Doe Murder-Judge Gives 1 Day Sentence

Cruise Ship Deaths: NO JUSTICE FOR BABY DOE. Federal judge in Indiana gives  Alicia Keir one day in prison for #cruise ship murder of newborn infant while she was on a luxury cruise at sea.

This case started on October 8, 2011, when Alicia Keir, 20, of DeMotte, Indiana embarked on a Caribbean cruise. On October 10, 2011, Keir was cruising aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Dream to the Caribbean with a friend celebrating a birthday, when she gave birth to a baby while inside her cruise ship cabin.

Keir discarded the baby girl in the cabin, wrapping it in a towel, then hiding it under a cruise ship cabin bed. She then left the cabin and went on enjoying her cruise.

A cabin housekeeping crew member entering Alicia Keir’s cabin aboard Carnival Dream, discovered the dead body of the recently born infant, which we call “Baby Doe”, on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. For two days Keir and her cabin mates used the cabin, slept in their beds with the baby stuffed under the cabin bed. This story takes an unusual turn when a second baby is discovered.

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