New Cruise Bruise Category – Gofundme Cruises

Need a #cruise, but can’t afford one? No problem. Over 100  people are requesting donations for themselves or others to take a cruise using Gofundme.

Free Cruises Through Gofundme

There was a time that cruises were taken by those who were financially well-off, often planned by people or couples who saved for many years to take a dream vacation on a cruise ship. Now, people just decide they want to cruise, or that someone they know needs a cruise, deserves to cruise free of charge and they set up a Gofundme donation request page, explaining why they need donations for a luxury cruise vacation.

While the concept is rather new and unique, to ask strangers online to send money for a cruise vacation, it is not as rare as some might think. We started this section of Cruise Bruise after finding 80 Gofundme donation pages for cruises in 11 different categories.

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