Blueprint For Murder At Sea

Wife Overboard by Steve Colbourne is a brilliant cruise ship murder mystery and a blueprint for cruise ship murder at sea.

Wife Overboard by Steve Colbourne is a blueprint for cruise ship murder at sea. Set in the British seaside community of Brighton in southern England, Michael, 56, and his wife Sharon, 50, have a two-story apartment located on the marina waterfront, enduring 30 years of “mundane” marriage.

Somewhere along the way, they have fallen out of love as their verbal sparing indicates, with Michael continually feeling emasculated. Contributing factors may have been the fact that the couple have no children and no pets which would give the marriage a constant display of affection. As well, they both own their own businesses which have a mentally preoccupying effect on their marriage. Sharon owns a hair salon in town, and Michael has owned an electrical contracting business for 20 years.

While Sharon is bright and attractive, with long blond hair and green eyes, the pair have been sleeping separately for some time. In spite of their alienation, Sharon has no clue that Michael is having a hot, torrid extra-marital affair. Read more on Cruise Bruise

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