Disney Fantasy – Peter Mizvioch Update

Disney Fantasy woman overboard same voyage as Peter Mizioch death  and several more new tips in the  mysterious case of Peter Mizioch.

We have also uncovered another insurance claim, which was filed April 19, 2006 in federal court by Edward Maciag and Peter John Mizioch for $1.2 million for the theft of P & E Productions company film recorded on a digital Beta tape of historical baseball film footage called “The Library”. The library had been originally insured for one million dollars on April 21, 2004. On June 23, 2005, Edward Maciag requested an increase of the insurance policy value to $1.2 million.

On July 30, 2005, it was allleged the films were stolen in California and a police report was filed. The films were stolen, though they were in a locked safe. Edward Maciag entered into an agreement with Verne Nobles and Nedene Nobles January 7, 2002 to purchase “The Library”.