Canada: Bring 50,000 Syrian Refugees By Cruise Ship

One Year Today:  Coalition dropped the ball on refugee plan.  Project Safe Travel Cruise Bruise Plea To Reform Multi-Nation Coalition.

Rick Hillier Former Canadian retired general says military can help bring in 50,000 refugees by Christmas. “Let’s put a logistics operation in place, get all these cruise ships in Europe that come back to North America for the winter season and let’s go and lease a couple of those, bring three or four or five thousand people at a time.”

Reports indicate Germany has offeried to take 800,000 refugees. The refugees are mostly making their way across Europe on foot after arriving in smuggler boats at Southern European Ports The North Sea German ports of Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven, and Cuxhaven present a viable staging solution for refugees traveling to Germany. Cuxhaven has an airbase at Sea- Airport Cuxhaven- Nordholz. and would be a good solution for a Coalition refugee supply airlift, such as was used in the Berlin Airlift.

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