Christina Ricci Carnival Victory Bahamas Death

Update:  Christina Ricci, 24, fell, hit her head during a fall aboard Carnival Victory on the first night of a Bahamas #cruise.

She died while in a coma and there have been touching online memorial tributes by boyfriend Scott Flanders.

On October 18, 2015, a memorial was held, Remembering Christina (video) Sun 4:30 PM at Turtletown Pond Concord, NH. The event description says, “The crew from Capital City Tattoo, Christina’s shop family, invite you to come and remember her and help her paint the heavens.

Bring a flower, balloon, candles and your memories. A beautiful soul taken much to young.” The same day, Scott Flanders posted online, ” I will miss you more then words will ever say.”

December 14, 2015, Flanders posted a photo online of a tattoo on his arm in honor of Ricci that says, “so it goes”. He showed two bracelets one that says, “Christina Strong” and the other “so it goes”. People began asking online how they could get the bracelets too and some wanted to get the tattoo.

Flanders responded, “Ok people. I got 100 of these on the first order. I did this out of the kindness of my heart. I don’t want money. I made them because not everyone who knew this great woman wants the tattoo. If you want one of these I will ask you to stop by the shop and fill out the paperwork for the tattoo. You don’t have to get the tattoo. But I even want people to talk about how the whole situation has made a impact on your life. I will continue to support her till my life has ended. Thank you.”