Clarification – Cruise Ship Suicide Psychological Terrorism

We have been criticized for using the term “psychological terrorism” in reference to cruise ship suicides. Understanding the term meaning has been clarified.

Suicide on a cruise ship is defined by us as, “psychological terrorism”, a form of attack which may leave no physical marks or impact upon a person or group of people, but ultimately leaves psychological injuries or traumas that have a lasting impact. Some state laws have labeled the impact to those affected by an event as “negligent infliction of emotional distress” or “bystander emotional distress.”.

Psychological Terrorism – Wise Geek Health “Psychological terrorism is typically a form of terrorism that primarily targets people’s psychological well being and state of mind, with the intent of having a negative impact on those people. This can take a number of different forms, and may be fairly benign and easily ignored or more severe and adversely affect numerous other psychological issues or disorders. As a form of terrorism, it can be used directly and purposefully or it can be a side effect of other actions that do not seek to inflict terror upon people, but ultimately are able to do so.”

For a public suicide, which is an act centered on having ‘all eyes on me’, the emotional costs to bystanders can not be calculated. In the case of the Carnival Glory suicide on August 19, 2015, which took place while the cruise ship was leaving port, many passengers were on deck, some of them children. The witnessing of a death by a child may leave a lifelong emotional scar, as could also be felt by the many adults on deck during the suicide.

While everyone understands internal social suffering and being under emotion distress from events taking place in a person’s life, to deliberately inflict emotional distress on other adults and innocent children bystanders can not be seen with compassion. The act of suicide at sea is simply incomprehensible.

In the video below, this is not a deliberate suicide, it was suicidal behavior.   But, you can hear and feel what passengers and crew are going through as this man falls into the sea.  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT.