Cruise Ship Injury Ends Legendary Musician’s Career

Lawsuit filed by Gyula Bruno Fekete brother blames  Uniworld River Cruises for legendary saxophonist’s 2014 SS Antoinette delayed head injury/coma treatment by Boppard, German hospital.

On June 3, 2014 legendary saxophonist from Hungary Gyula Bruno (Maxi) Fekete, 62, had been booked to perform aboard Uniworld River Cruises SS Antoinette for a seven-day cruise sailing on the Rhine River in Boppard, Germany.

It was Day 5 of the cruise for the professional musician who had been performing with his girlfriend-life partner and fellow musician Erika Sarkozi.

What happened on June 3, 2014, depends on who is telling the story. Either Fekete had a stroke, fell, hitting his head or he tripped over a bag on the stair, fell, hit his head causing a stroke, or he fell over the bag, hitting his head and suffered a head injury.

No matter who tells the story, they all blame the captain of the SS Antoinette for not responding quickly to Erika Sarkozi’s plea to call an ambulance to rush Gyula Fekete from the SS Antoinette to the hospital for treatment.

Due to the small size of SS Antoinette and close proximity to hospitals all along the voyage, the cruise ship does not have an infirmary.

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