Barf Lawyers Lose Against Cruise Line

No Special Treatment:  Sickly #cruise ship passengers will suck it up like the rest of the world. An article by Maritime Executive shows the cruise line was not a fault for barf fest, stating “However, the performing carriers, Celestyal Cruises (Louis Cruise Lines) produced test results showing that this was a norovirus attack rather than campylobacter as alleged.

“The court  accepted that the systems on board had been fully implemented by the officers and the crew to bring the virus under control and was influenced by the documentation produced to support the case, the fact that Louis tested for pathogens and the deployment of systems beyond the levels that were required for the numbers of illness. This was a great example of team work between owners, charterers, external health hygiene auditors, the authorities and lawyers,” said Maria Pittordis, Head of Marine, Trade and Energy and a partner at Hill Dickinson.

Judge David Mitchell, sitting in the Central London County Court, found in favor of the cruise line, saying that it was a very well-controlled outbreak and that the cruise line applied and implemented its systems well and that the cruise line was not negligent.”

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