Malaysia Air MH-370 Debris Near Cruise Port

Airliner crash debris  on Reunion island near cruise port. Recover boats searching in pirate alley.

St Andre Beach on Reunion Island which is about 28 miles from the cruise ship port of Le Port, Pointe des Galets, Reunion Island is the location where debris from Malaysia Airlines MH-370 has been found.

People cleaning a beach Wednesday, July 29, 2015, on Reunion Island found what appears to be a piece from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 which disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014 with 239 people aboard.

Malaysia Airlines MH-370 debris which now includes a suitcase (see photos above) as well as what appears to be a section of the wing, has washed up on the tiny island shores of St Andre Beach, Reunion, which is a french province.

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Numerous boats in the area (Le Port Reunion Island with Live Cruise Ship Tracker with more photos of debris) are beginning to search the area for more debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

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