Cruise Ship Murder Cold Case Unsolved

U.S. Marshall’s wife, oldest #cruise ship murder cold case in history unsolved for 75 years now. Jessie Harper Mozee, 53, a resident of Nome, Alaska, who was a former teacher, boarded the steamship SS Seeandbee for a Great Lakes cruise to family in Cleveland.

She was robbed, murdered and dumped overboard. Then, when her body washed ashore, police having no idea who she was, buried her in an unmarked grave.

Mozee had a large amount of cash with her and expensive jewelry including three diamond rings. She also had a maid, a woman who was a crew member aboard the ship, who tended to her while she was aboard the ship.

The maid disappeared immediately after the cruise ended and so did the cash and jewelry. Cleveland police say the diamond rings were not found in Mrs. Mozee’s cabin, nor on her body when her body was recovered on July 31, 1940 at Geneva-On-The-Lake. The cash she brought with her on the cruise was also missing.

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Jessie Mozee’s body was found two days after she was last seen alive, she had two black eyes, as if she had been beaten. Coroner Charles Webster who examined Mozee’s body, said that he doubted the bruises around her eyes were post-mortem or from hitting the water.

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