10 Dead – Terror Attack On Bus and Police

Latest  terror attack on bus and police kills 7 plus 3 gunmen,  travel alert issued by U.K, not USA.

On Monday, July 27, 2015, a terror attack on a bus and police station in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India resulted in ten deaths. The three terrorists were killed by police. The attack began when the terrorists hijacked a vehicle for their use and a twelve hour assault using Chinese-made grenades and AK 47s against police ended after all three terrorists were killed ten miles from the border with Pakistan.

All the terrorists had removed labels and tags from their garments and equipment to help protect their national origin with the gunmen. The only clue to who they were and where they came from may have been the night vision device recovered from a railway track in Talwandi village near Dinanagar. The night vision device is the same model as the those used by the United States security personnel.

There is speculation the device may have been from Afghanistan, where they are commonly used by American security personnel and may have been stolen by the Taliban.

Video footage of the attack. Not in English, but the video shows the attack. Read more on Cruise Bruise