Pregnant Cruise Passenger Miscarries Baby

#Cruise Bruise: Widespread anger from anti-cruise industry bloggers and news media after  pregnant passenger denied boarding, miscarries the next month.

February 8 2014, Michelle Ligori, her husband Frank and their two sons, began telling their story to the media after she was denied permission to board Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines,”Oasis of the Seas.” During the standard pre-board check in, a customer service clerk asked her if she was pregnant. At the time Ligori had recently found out she was less than two months into her term and she replied, “Yes.”

Ligori said the clerk told her that she would not be able to board Oasis of the Seas,  if she didn’t have a note from a doctor stating that she was fit to travel.

The events that followed the Ligori family were, “nearly two days of their cruise lost and around additional $1,500 travel expenses.” Their long-awaited family vacation became a “disaster” and led Michelle Ligori on a crusade to warn other women about the ordeal and question if she would travel with Royal Caribbean in the future. Explaining that Royal Caribbean was reviewing its policies and would consider further discussions with their family about their experiences.

The reality is this, babies can be born REALLY early and while on a cruise it puts the mother and child at risk. The decision to cruise while pregnant should not be taken lightly.  The cruise ship hospital is not equipped for very serious issues such as preemie births. This video show what happened on one cruise when a passenger gave birth to a 1 pound Micro Preemie.

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