Rescue Me Balloon – Cruise Ship Missing

Kickstarter Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing.

Kickstarter project, Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing. Rescue Me Balloon Signal Device, an SOS device which could save many cruise passenger/crew lives, potentially.

Rescue Me Balloon is a compact, easy-to-carry emergency canister that places an SOS balloon 150 feet with a bright LED.

Rescue Me Balloon: “Hello everybody! Thank you for all reaching out and your interest in Rescue Me Balloon! Please be patient with us, we have continually been deep in research and development recently by teaming up with a well known aeronautical company and will be able to announce some exciting developments soon”

Rescue Me Balloon: “We are working on some redesigns we’re excited to share with you soon!”

Funding Unsuccessful – Project ended on