Cruise Ship Bon Voyage Parties On Rise

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Pre-Cruise Bon Voyage Parties – 600+ Cruise Ship Party Drinks

A cruise industry tradition, Pre-cruise bon voyage parties, are on the rise as Baby Boomers retire in record numbers. As well, the cruise industry wide-range of affordable cruises have made cruising a atop vacation choice for retirees’ children and grandchildren, who have begun to cruise with increasing numbers.

In the past, the dockside bon voyage (“have a nice trip” or “safe journey” ) parties where family and friends gathered by the hundreds to see their loved ones embark on the cruise of a lifetime were common place. Guests were sometimes able to bring family and friends aboard the cruise ship, who would get a sample of cruise ship culinary delights, refreshments, and a tour of the cruise ship, before the cruise ship sailed away. Bon Voyage parties were very different decades ago.

Now, with port security at an all time high, preventing anyone without a ticket from entering most cruise ship parking lots and never allowing anyone to board without going through rigorous security checks and proof of ticketing as well as valid passports, the dockside bon voyage party is nothing but a memory of days gone by.

However, the pre-cruise celebration is alive and well, it is just being held in different locations, far from cruise ship piers, within private residences, offices, reception halls and conference rooms around the world.

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