Pre-Book To Be Dead On Your Cruise

June 26, 2015 Janet Cole

#Cruise Bruise:  Walker Stalker Cruise Con Artists Stars Fans Miami to Bahamas revealed. Walker Stalker Cruise Con Artists Stars and Fans Cruise Announced Walker Stalker Con is a Zombie, Horror & Sci-Fi Fan Convention held in various […]

Travel Warning

Westerdam Eight Found Dead

June 26, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Ship Deaths:  8 cruise ship passengers missing on Westerdam cruise ship excursion all found dead. Update: June 26, 2016 00:10 am The 8 cruise ship passengers and pilot aboad the Westerdam cruise ship excursion plane have been […]

Cruise Ship Weather

HAL Westerdam Excursion Plane Crashes

June 25, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Bruise:  Alaska float plane excursion crashes with 8 cruise ship passengers aboard. USCG search underway. 8 Cruise Ship Passengers Aboard When Plane Crashed June 25, 2015 Eight cruise ship passengers who were sailing aboard Holland America a Line […]


Rescue Me Balloon – Cruise Ship Missing

June 23, 2015 Janet Cole

Kickstarter Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing. Kickstarter project, Rescue Me Balloon raised $36,000. Could save many #cruise ship missing. Rescue Me Balloon Signal Device, an SOS device which could save many […]

Cruise Ship Deaths

Constance Kovach Cruise Honeymoon Death

June 22, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Ship Deaths: #Cruise ship  honeymoon death submitted to us, latest of our many  online cruise industry memorials. Constance Peek (Connie) Kovach, 69, from Warner Robins, Georgia, was on her honeymoon cruise in Alaska, when she had a cardiac event […]

Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise Ship Collision – 30 Injured

June 19, 2015 Janet Cole

#Cruise Ship Sinking: Saint Laurent collides in St. Lawrence locks, takes on water. Injured evacuated. International Shipping Partners Saint Laurent Collided with the Eisenhower Lock on the St. Lawrence River. The Michigan Great Lakes Cruise, Saint Laurent […]

Cruise Ship Illness

Cruise Ship Passenger Mexico Medical Disembarking

June 6, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Bruise: Ohio single mom stranded in Mexico when child needs surgery on #cruise raises $17,764+ online. A cruise ship passenger family from Springfield, Ohio, who had driven to Galveston, Texas to embark on Carnival Triumph Monday, June 1, […]

Cruise Ship Fires

High Speed Ferry Explosion

June 6, 2015 Janet Cole

Wahana Gili Ocean 4 high speed #ferry explosion injures 25 passengers, 129 aboard.  Wahana Gili Ocean 4 suffered an engine explosion about 30 minutes out to sea from Senggigi on Lombok in the Indonesian islands. There were 19 […]


Cruise Ship Bon Voyage Parties On Rise

June 4, 2015 Janet Cole

1,500+ #cruise party photos recipes, appetizers, cocktails, cakes, goodies for anniversary, birthday, retirement, wedding cruise parties. Pre-Cruise Bon Voyage Parties – 600+ Cruise Ship Party Drinks A cruise industry tradition, Pre-cruise bon voyage parties, are on the […]


George Uthuppu – Carnival Triumph Overboard

June 3, 2015 Janet Cole

Cruise Ship Missing: The  overboard  mystery of cruise ship passenger George Uthuppu has been solved with autopsy results. On March 17, 2015, George Uthuppu, 54, from Kingwood, Texas was on a birthday celebration cruise with his wife […]