Micki Kanesaki Cruise Ship Murder

New charges filed against  Lonnie Kocontes, hiring a hit man to kill another wife, 9 year old #cruise cold case continues.

Authorities investigating Micki Kanesaki’s death had Lonnie Loren Kocontes’ his new wife, Amy Dao Nguyen, who he married in Nevada, testify before an Orange County grand jury, which helped to hinder the case against Kocontes. But her story changed when she testified for investigators again in 2013. Nguyen allegedly told investigators Kocontes coached her in what to say before her grand jury testimony and told her to lie.

Nguyen alleged that she knew Kocontes was going to kill Kanesaki, he told her before they left on the Royal Caribbean CruiseLines’ Island Escape cruise, but she didn’t alert authorities. She was given immunity from prosecution, because she lied to the grand jury and said knew of the murder plot but, did not alert anyone. Soon after, Kocontes was arrested in Florida and held for extradition to California.

May 2015, While still in jail, Kocontes allegedly drafted a letter in which his wife stated that her 2006 testimony was accurate and that she was forced to lie in 2013. Then, according to prosecutors, Kocontes hired two inmates to take the letter to Nguyen, have her sign it, then kill her. One of the two inmates told his lawyer about the alleged plot and new charges were filed. Kocontes now faces two counts of solicitation to commit murder and one count of solicitation to bribe a witness. Kocontes says he was set up.

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