Cruise Ship Norovirus Outbreaks

Cruise Bruise:  #cruise ship Norovirus outbreaks not the cruise line’s fault, but you can’t sue the air. May 9, 2015 – In this day of get rich quick lawsuit mentality, the first thought some people have when it comes to a Norovirus outbreak is to hire a lawyer and sue the cruise line.

While most lawyers wouldn’t touch a Norovirus lawsuit, because there is no big money it, class action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of cruise ships full of passengers who were sick, had their cruise “ruined” and need to blame somebody, anybody, with deep pockets preferred.

Lawsuits are based upon three elements, somebody had a loss, another person/entity is to blame and that person has the means to provide compensation for the alleged loss. Then, the burden of proving the person responsible was negligent, known or should have known or acted with deliberate malice will determine the outcome, when those three criteria are met.

As a rule, most lawyers will not take a case worth less than $10,000. In their view, it’s not worth their time. In maritime law, most lawyers like to have a minimum lawsuit value of $75,000.

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