No Same Sex Marriage On Cruise Ship

Couple denied a same-sex cruise wedding because of the country’s laws where the #cruise ship is registered. Anti-gay cruise laws? Learn before you cruise.

Jacqui Chapman was refused a wedding aboard a P&O cruise ship to her lesbian fiance, simply because they were gay. Bermuda law prohibits cruise ships registered in Bermuda from conducting same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Chapman said she had been on at least 40 cruises since 2001 and really wanted to marry her partner on the cruise.

Gay weddings are illegal in Bermuda. Some cruise ship’s changed their flag from the United Kingdom to Bermuda, just so they could perform weddings at sea.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t include gay weddings. Cruise ships registered in the United Kingdom are not allowed to perform any type of wedding at sea.  Read more on Cruise Bruise