Bardo Museum Massacre Death List

Cruise Ship Deaths – 5,000 Cruise Ship Deaths: #Cruise ship passengers murdered is growing.  List of Tragic Deaths at Bardo National Museum in Tunis, Tunisia

On Wednesday March 18, 2015 two cruise ships, MSC Splendida and Costa Fascinosa were in port at Tunis, Tunisia on a cruise ship excursion to the Bardo National Museum, when a group of terrorists opened fire on the group who were exiting their tour busses, killing or wounding more than 50 cruise ship passengers.  More on Cruise Ship Deaths

List Of Confirmed Dead

  • Antoni Cirera Prez – Spain
  • Aymen Morjen – Tunisia Security Guard
  • Chiemi Miyazaki Japan
  • Dolores Sánchez Rami – Spain
  • Female, 61, from Antwerp, Belgium, mother of two daughters, identified by her husband who had been shot in the knee. The couple had been on Costa Fascinosa
  • Francesco Caldara – Italy
  • Haruka Miyazaki – Japan
  • Javier Camelo – Colombia -Australia
  • Jean-Claude Tissier – France
  • Machiyo Narusawa – Japan
  • Miriam Martinez Camelo – Colombia -Australia
  • Orazio Conte – Italy
  • Poland Unknown – two dead. Poland sent a plane with doctors and diplomats to Tunisia on Thursday March 19, to help and bring back a dozen citizens of Poland injured or dead
  • Sally Adey – United Kingdom