Cruise Bruise Investigates Tampa Port Drug Bust

Cruise Bruise Investigation into the drug smuggler who flipped on 6 #cruise ship crew members and the Princess drug smuggler who ran the operation, full story with complete documentation.

Jason Leon Carmichael, 21, Arkine John, 21, Alfred Kernel Elvis Ince, 24, Teffan Shem Delice, 29, and Johnson Dwain Cherubin, 30, Desrick Devon Gordon, 23 were crew members who worked in the galley aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sun when the cruise ship docked in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, March 8, 2015.

They disembarked the cruise ship with more than five kilos of cocaine, smuggled off the cruise ship strapped to their bodies. Acting suspiciously upon disembarking, the men were followed by Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) special agents.

Teffan Shem Delice, Johnson Dwain Cherubin and Arkine John had picked up the cocaine in Roatan, Honduras on March 3, 2015 and were given a cell phone number for a woman named “Princess”. The men and their accomplices were to deliver the cocaine to “Princess” once they arrived in Tampa, Florida. Upon return to Roatan, cash was supposed to be paid to the person who gave the three Norwegian Sun crew members the cocaine in Roatan.

Once off the cruise ship, they met with two women, Simone Natoya Walters and Semarie Gail Ann Paul who received the cocaine and paid the crew members to mule the drug from Roatan, Honduras to Tampa, Florida for further distribution throughout the United States.  Read more on Cruise Bruise