Cruise Ship Passengers Were Safe On Holiday

Cruise Bruise: The long holiday weekend for USA Labor Day, proved to be safe for #cruise ship passengers and crew with no overboard incidents reported. Beautiful News.

A reminder of cruise ship safety rules:
Rough Seas – Be careful on decks when underway, especially the higher decks. Wind gusts can reach hurricane force and blow you off deck, even while holding onto somebody else. Only wear shoes with adequate tread when on deck never wear slick bottom dress shoes on deck.

In rough seas, stay off deck at all times and avoid windows and large movable objects. During an emergency go to the muster station with your party. Never rush there alone without knowing where each of you are.

Never carry a handbag ashore. If you must carry a bag use a hand purse with no shoulder strap. When possible place money, credit cards or valuables in in your front pant pockets or inside pockets of a jacket.

Never let children of any age, especially teens out of your sight for even a moment. Children alone are prime targets for victimization.

On that note, this video shows what some teens do when their parents leave children to their own devices. Carnival Liberty teen crawls over the railing and hangs above the sea while the cruise ship is underway. This could have gone so very wrong.