Cruise Ship Lawsuit Leads To Murder

A RCCL lawsuit $1.5 million settlement leads to death in paradise, suitcase murder case. Court records for accused paint nasty image of their past.

In the summer of 2001 James L. Mack, his wife Sheila Von Weiss-Mack and their daughter Heather Mack, age 9, were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise in the Mediterranean when James Mack cut his foot in or around the cruise ship swimming pool. He sought medical assistance from the cruise ship doctor aboard.

They filed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for medical malpractice. Of the 1.5 million dollars won from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the couple got $840,000 after attorney fees and costs. Sheila von Wiese-Mack immediately netted $340,667 after legal fees for her share of the settlement, according to court records. But another $500,000 went to James Mack’s estate. which his will stipulated was “only to provide for Heather Mack, my child, and for no other children.” June 2011, a judge authorized von Wiese-Mack, the executor of her husband’s estate, to pay herself the remaining $500,000 as the estate’s “sole beneficiary.” His first wife and other five children were excluded.

Fast forward to August 7, 2014, Heather Mack posted online “i refuse to let someone say what I can do, gettin (sic) money my attitude you know what it do #bali.”

Bali police are called to St. Regis Hotel in Depasar, Bali after two people leave a suitcase in the trunk and never come back.  The suitcase is bloody.

Denpasar police chief Djoko Hariutomo alleges Heather Mack initially told them she and Tommy Schaefer been taken captive at the St. Regis by an armed gang of three men who killed Mrs Mack.

Sheila A. Von Weise-Mack’s beaten body was found in the suitcase in the back of a taxi at the $650-a-night St. Regis Hotel in Depasar, Bali, in Indonesia. She was beaten to death in room 616. Police said hotel cameras show Von Weise-Mack arguing with Tommy Schaefer.

The couple did not return to the taxi, which sat at the hotel for hours. The driver and hotel employees then opened the trunk and saw blood on the outside of the three-foot-long suitcase, after which the driver went to the police station. “The body was wrapped in a hotel bedsheet covered with blood and tied up with duct tape, with the Mack’s body folded in half, with her feet near her head.

Police say they were told Heather and boyfriend Tommy had sex in the four-star Risata Bali Resort after Von Weise-Mack was murdered. Reports say after Von Weise-Mack’s beating death Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer tried to access Sheila Von Weiss-Mack’s safety deposit box, but hotel staff refused to open it.

Later, the couple approached police to report their passports stolen, which were not stolen, but locked in Weiss-Mack’s safety deposit box. The couple were told they had to go to the embassy to get new passports but instead disappeared.

Von Weise-Mack’s coffin was removed from Sanglah Hospital and flown back to Chicago, where she and her daughter had resided before going on their 10-day vacation. The trial goes on and on  and there is another incredible discovery. Read more  . . . 



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