Safety Reminder: Cruise Ship Pool Decks Are Slippery

#Cruise Bruise: A reminder to walk carefully on the pool decks, they are wet and spilled substances such as sun tan lotion or sweet beverages mix to increase risk.

Constantly remind children not to run while aboard the cruise ship, especially on or around the swimming pool deck.

While on the topic of swimming pools,  parents need to be mindful of where their child or children are at all times. Children are naturally dawn to water and may quickly wander away. It only takes a few seconds for the vacation of a life time to become the cruise from hell, with a child fighting for their life after a distracted parent loses sight of their child. If you are sailing with a child, please do NOT drink to excess while on the cruise ship or in port.  Responsible parenting skills never go on vacation.

For Carnival Cruise Lines their ticket contract specifies, “Carnival reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger. Guest acknowledges that the minimum age permitted for the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages aboard Carnival’s vessels is twenty-one (21). Guest agrees to supervise all persons under age twenty-one (21) under Guest’s charge to insure that they do not violate this, or any other, shipboard regulation. Guests who attempt to purchase alcohol by using false identification or the Sail & Sign card of a Guest who is twenty-one or older will be deemed in violation of this policy.

Any Guest twenty-one or older who attempts to or purchases alcohol for any Guest under twenty-one will also be deemed in violation of this policy. Guest agrees that Carnival has the right to disembark any Guest who violates this policy and as well as any adults traveling with minors who violate this policy or any other shipboard regulation.”

For Princess Cruises their passenger ticket contract specifies, “Carrier may disembark or refuse to embark You, confine You in a stateroom, quarantine You, restrain You, change Your accommodations or disembark You at any time if, in the sole opinion of Carrier, the Captain or any doctor, You or any minor or other person in Your care during the Cruise are unfit for any reason for the Cruise, or Your presence might be detrimental to Your health, comfort or safety or that of any other person, or in the judgment of the Captain is advisable for any reason. Carrier reserves the right to request a letter from Your physician attesting to Your fitness to travel, but by requesting such letter does not waive its right to disembark or refuse to embark You as set forth in this Section.

Except as otherwise provided, if You are required to remain on board the ship or elsewhere, due to injury, illness, or disability, or due to action of any government or authority, or for any other reason not the fault of Carrier, You must pay or reimburse Carrier for all resulting costs and expenses including for food, transportation, accommodation, medical and/or repatriation services for You and those accompanying You. If You become unfit to travel for any reason during the Cruise and/or You disembark early, or if You are refused passage, or Your reservation is cancelled if You book a cruise after Carrier has advised You that You are no longer allowed to sail, Carrier shall not be liable for any refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind.”

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines passenger ticket contact outlines, Passenger understands and agrees that Carrier has a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity and shall report such activity to the appropriate authorities. d. Each adult Passenger undertakes and agrees to supervise at all times any accompanying minors to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Section 8. e. Carrier may also change accommodations, alter or cancel any activities of, deny service of alcohol to, confine to a stateroom or quarantine, search the stateroom, property or baggage of any Passenger, change a Passenger’s Land Tour, disembark or refuse to embark the Passenger and/or any Passenger responsible for any minor Passenger, or restrain any Passenger at any time, without liability, at the risk and expense of the Passenger, when in the sole opinion of Carrier or Captain the Passenger’s conduct or presence, or that of any minor for whom the Passenger is responsible, is believed to present a possible danger, security risk or be detrimental to himself or the health, welfare, comfort or enjoyment of others, or is in violation of any provision of this Agreement.  “